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Common Sports Data Integration Questions

The following is the most common list of . sports line questions and answers.

If you don 't find an answer below, you can always contact support and get answers to your questions.

sports data integration issues

General questions

You can take data from the for testing sports line and the results of sporting events
Data is already freely available, except that there is a restriction. In test mode you get sports data in quantity - 3 matches per 1 sport, as well as frequency of updating of coefficients in live mode is 30 seconds. These restrictions work only for test mode! To begin integration, you just need to click on the documentation link and start connecting.

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No. One package is for the same domain. Domain You specify in your personal office.
Yes. Our line is provided with bookmaker ratios.
No. In the results of matches only information on the score of matches which ended is provided. Coefficients are only available in line.
We have one line at the moment. Developments are under way to provide groups of sports lines from different bookmakers.
The function of changing the level of coefficients in the% ratio is available in the personal cabinet. You can raise or lower them. The up/down range is 100%
You can integrate most modules separately. But there are modules that only work in pairs. For example, you will not be able to connect to other line except ours.
We provide services for development of bookmaker system turnkey of any type. To make an order, contact the appropriate department with a description of your wishes. Please note that we only develop software. We do not license the gaming business.
All registrations are checked only in manual mode. The time for consideration is up to 12 hours. The second point is to check the SPAM folder, maybe the letter got there.

Data integration

In our sports line there are all sports which exist in nature for today. It is also constantly supplemented by new sports
A limited number of sports are included in the test mode. If you have not seen the sport you are interested in, you can apply for our support, and you will be given a personal test key that will work 1 month per half price. This period is enough to integrate with your head. In other cases you can carry out integration on accessible sport in test mode, and then switch to the sport which interests you.
We are constantly improving our line. If you lack some kind of data - write to us, and we will try to add them to sports products soon.
You probably did not specify or did not specify the correct Test or Work Key. If you have checked this point and still an empty array, please contact our Support.
You receive data in json format in response to a request
Yes, a programmer is likely to be required. We provide data in convenient objects, and already your programmer will disassemble them as necessary.
Live is updated every 3 seconds. Therefore you will always have the most up-to-date data.
Integrate yourself into the system according to the examples from the documentation to use our line for forecasts
Using our products you can create a complete analogue of myscore. You will have to unite requests for the line and live and to process already the scripts now.
We launched the Telegraph Channel in which we write all innovations that relate to changes or additions to our products. You can subscribe to updates here: Product Update Feed betapi_info


We can 't know which package is right for you. You can describe to us the essence of the task, and we will select the most optimal package for you.
Once you are logged into our system, your personal office will have a data pack purchase page. You can buy data from first month to year. When buying any sports data package for 1 year - all updates will be free for you

If you have any other questions, ask us
Убедительная просьба A compelling request to write to the department that fits your question as much as possible.

Contacts for questions