Results of sports matches

We present to your attention the most complete integration by API "Results of sports matches." At us you can find as full information as possible on sports events which have already ended, namely: the account of both the main match and all additional (times, periods, sets, angles, penalties, bullites, etc.) and integrate into the system through Api. All data is provided in json format and grouped into convenient objects.

Results of sports matches

Results of matches of API

We offer you to get acquainted with our documentation on results on sports events.


Example of data

We present you a demo example, based on the results for matches. Note that the display option can be anything, we simply give a general example.

To look at a demo

What is the "Results of sports events" package?

The betapi command provides results for sports eventsas data packets. Each package has a specific set of API integration parameters in its key. In this way, each customer determines what it needs, namely, what data it needs and selects a convenient price range. You can purchase both results on 1 sport, for example only football, and on the whole line of sports results.

The results package can include both one sport and all sports events that have already ended. You get through Api sports data in which comes an object with results on football or with results on tennis, volleyball and other sports. In one group of package you get all matches which already took place, in all countries, all championships.

Note that the time range for obtaining sports results is 1 week. Thus, when buying sports results and integrating them by API - you will have a list only in the last week. If you need data for earlier matches, which were for example a month ago and earlier - you can use the package Archive of sports data.

Key features of results on sports:

  1. Provide results for a huge number of sporting events over 100,000 per month;
  2. The most extensive information about the match that took place. Data is provided not only by general account, but also by times, periods, and sets.
  3. Data available immediately after the end of the match
  4. Convenient grouping of sports results in the IPA facility.
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features of sports results

Connecting Results to Sports API

We have simplified the process of obtaining sports results on API as much as possible. Now everything is arranged in order Sport, Country, Championship, which reduces the volume of unnecessary data, and saves traffic and your servers. And with Unix Timestamp date you can easily get sports results for the day you are interested in. It is enough simply to specify any period of this day.


 Connecting results to sports + API

Characteristics of the package "Results of sports events"

Price: 99 $/month

You can combine package parameters as you like. Take one or a group of sports results types. Also add different types of language translations.

Sale no 0 $
Sports All sports 99 $/month
Result type completed matches
Countries All
Championships All
Language Ru or En
+1 Language az, ch, tr and others. 5$/month
Period last week
Inquiries : unlimited tariff

I want to try!

Dear users. You can test data free of charge on ready-made examples, integrate into your system, and only then pay for services. We provide all necessary test data as well as ready-made demo examples.

Step 1

Check out the demo example on the sports line. Make sure that there is all the necessary data that you are interested in.

Step 2

Read the documentation and its usability. You can also integrate into your system in test mode

Step 3

Apply for registration to get a personal office and work sports line.

What is the convenience of the Sports Results package?

  • What is necessary

    You get what 's required without overpayment.

  • Frequent updating

    All the time the most current sports data both on the Line and in Live mode.

  • Everything is transparent

    In your personal office you can set up sports data and coefficients..

Where to take results on sports by API?

If you entered in search the phrase: Where to take results on sports by API - got exactly where it is necessary! BetApi provides a full range of sporting results for a wide variety of user needs. This type of data you can use as you need, and we have absolutely no difference in how they are used. Whether you 're doing analytics, or you 're using it to calculate rates. You develop your own application to provide sports results for users, or simply get notifications on matches in telegrams.

All this you can freely organize, using Api results on sports from our company, BET-API. In cases if you have questions - you can always contact our technical support for any question on integration of results on sports.