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10 in 1 sporting events package

Sports data:
"10 in one"

Package "10 in one" or Individual includes 10 for selection of any sports which you will need from two hundred possible.. This set of sports data is convenient in that you get the main Sportbook at a lower price. Please note that cybersport is not included in this package.

Documentation of API

We invite you to get acquainted with our documentation for sports events. To watch documentation:

API v2

Example of data

Watch a live example of how sports events work with bookmaker coefficients. Click the link to

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Multilingual sporting events - Bonus from BetApi!

Multilingual Sports Line English
Sports line in Russian

Using our SPORTBUK, you get 2 language versions at once, Russian and English. There are also 50 more language data available for your attention, which you can find at:

Available languages of a sportbook

Unlimited test period for the Sports line without registration!

We gave you the opportunity use the Api sports line for an unlimited amount of time so that you can verify the relevance of the data. In order to start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

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10 in 1 package, sports, factors: Line and Live

Our product is designed to use data for a wide variety of purposes... We provide Prematch or matches along the line, as well as sports matches that go in real time, toist in Live mode without delay, and only up-to-date data!

Prematch or matches along the line

- In this category events are presented, with coefficients for matches, whichwill be in the nextcouple of days.

- Also you can use a sportslinewithoutcoefficients, at the same time monitoronlynecessarymatcheswhichhave not yetstarted

Events in line and live - IPA data

Live mode

- This categorypresents events, with coefficients that are alreadygoing live.

- Real-time match statistics mayalso be available. (Dangerousattacks, angular, red cards, fools, etc.)

10 in 1 Package Characteristics

Sports 10 to choose 130 $ month
Type Data Live+Line
Countries all
Championships all
Markets Coefficient all
Language ru, en
+1 Language az, ch, tr and others.. 10$/month
Счет : in live 10$/month
Статистика : in live 20$/month
Inquiries : unlimitedtariff

You can combine package parameters as you like.

10 in 1 package, sports odds
Price: from 130$/month

What is a 10 in 1 package and its features?

Having studied needs of users, having drawn attention that in most cases 10 main sports from our sports line are purchased, we went to a meeting, and created a package which included a group of ten sports. What? You choose. This will include only the sports data you need. And you pay only for the required sporting events

Other companies provide everything with a microscope (all sports) and you have nothing left to overpay. And you, for example, need 10 sports out of 200. At the same time you need to pay the full cost. Not only that, you also drive unnecessary traffic. With our 10 in 1 package - you only pay for the information you use, no more than.

You choose those sports that are needed directly in your System. For example you need: (Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Single Combats, Table Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, Cricket). With this type of package you will only pay twice as much for these 10 sports as a standard Separate Sport package. would use. Everything is simple and transparent!

I want to try!

Dear users. You can test data free of charge on ready-made examples, integrate into your system, and only then pay for services. We provide all necessary test data as well as ready-made demo examples.

Step 1

Check out the demo example on the sports line. Make sure that there is all the necessary data that you are interested in.

To look at a demo

Read the documentation and its usability. You can also integrate into your system in test mode

API v1 API v2

Step 2
Step 3

Apply for registration to get a personal office and work sports line.


Prematch and Line Matches

There were questions? Write to us

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

You can contact our technical support in any way convenient to you.


Telegram: @Maks_betapi

What is the convenient package "10 in 1 sports"?

What is a sports line from BETAPI.NET?

Our site provides Api for the sports events that exist today. In the wrong sports book, you can get matches both from the LINE (prematch) and Live (which are already going), as well as all current sports coefficients. .

You can purchase both a separate sport and a group of sports. If desired, you can create a "Personal Data Set." For frequent, this type of data is used to create or monitor strategies for sporting events.

All sports packages have different cost and different type of data, so before you buy a particular package - read carefully what is included in it.