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Calculation of bookmaker rates and outcomes

Calculation of bookmaker rates and outcomes

BetApi gives you a bookie bet calculationbookie bet calculation. You get statuses for sports match events and outcome results. In this way your system can understand with what result the specific outcome of the match ended and determine the status of the coupon (won or lost).

Many owners of bookmaker sites ask the eternal question: "Where to take the system of calculation of bets for bookmaker site?." According to our observations, this has become a very frequent pain. That 's why we developed the calculation of bookmaker rates.

Our automatic betting system - works 24 hours a day! No break and weekends 24/7, 365 days a year.

How bet calculation works from Beth-Api!

Variant 1 - Working Through the Betting Cart

In this variant , the logic of operation is as follows. You send us betting coupons that contain various outcomes for a variety of sports matches. We keep this story, and send it for monitoring, which tracks when a given match will be played, and return betting-type statuses. After that, as soon as the bet played - we send you statuses - Win or lose! After that you process the status type yourself and accrue the winnings in your system.

Please note that We do not keep any additional information about the users, their accounts and other... We only keep the sports match ID and the type of outcome the bet was placed on.

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calculation of rates for forecasts

Variant 2 - All statuses taken by event

In this variant we monitor sports events and events on them. As soon as the result of the match has changed, or a certain period of time has passed - our system compares the variants of events for the presence of calculation, and events that are suitable - in automatic mode receive the statuses of winning or losing. Further At a certain point in time - you request the results of the calculation for a specific match, knowing its ID - and already at yourself determine what bets played or not.

In such variant , we do not keep any data from you at all. We only notify that for a particular match there are results of calculation of bets. And if this match suits you - you take statuses and perform calculation at yourself.

Betting works only with our sports data from Our Sportbuk Sportbuk

Rate Calculation Cost and Connection Type

The cost of calculating rates will be different for each product. Everything depends on the number of sports bets, their activity, etc. So we don 't even put a preliminary price.

Connections for the bookmaker

- Via the betting cart (minimum work for you)

- Through receipt of data (all logic is in your system)

подключения Расчета ставок betapi

Connections for forecasts

- Connections are made only through the betting cart.

- In answer you get already ready statuses and account

Note that the calculation of rates for both bookmaker and forecast sites is actually based on the same principle, except for some universal fields.

You will be able to get access to integration for rate calculation only after approval and discussion of all issues with site administrators. Test accesses for integration of both shopping cart and betting calculation for bookmaker - do not give out! All two-way integration is done in API mode and using web sockets, which increases data speed and relevance.

For each customer who wants to use the service "Calculation of bets or coupons," a separate technical support group will be allocated and a separate chat will be created, in which all the magic of connection takes place.

In cases of heavy loads, and a large number of requests for the client, a separate line of servers and storage is allocated. We strive for perfection.

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