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Archive of results of sportsmatches

Package "Archive of sportsmatches" "Archive of sportsmatches" - is intended to receiveresults of sports events for the favoriteperiod for anysports by one archive. Mainly this type of sportsdata is intended for analytics of sportsmatches for a long period.

The sports event archive is provided in json format with a set of sportsmatchdata for eachday.

The archive you buyonce, and then you can use it as you please, for example you can create a service to provideresults for sports events on a paidbasis.

Types of multilingualism on the Archive of Results of sports events

flags en
flags ru

We providedata on matchresults in one archive over a long period, from one year or more in various languages. Russian, English, Turkish, Chinese, French, German and other... Enter the list of possible language data you can view at the link below:

Available Languages of archive

What is the archive of results of matches on sports

For a long time we collect results on all sports events on all sports. Now we are ready to provide you with a complete archive of all sportdata for the last 100 years.

All results on all sports in one place, namely in the Archive of sports results betapi.

Please note that the archive Includes only the results of the match. In this archive information on coefficients which were on sports events is not provided.

sports arhive from betapi

Characteristics of the package "Archive of Results on Sports"

Sports 1 to choose 200 $
Period 1 year 200$
Countries All
Championships All
Matchesall All
Language ru or en
+1 language az, ch, tr and others.. 100$/мес

If you have already bought an archive in one language, another language will be 50% cheaper, you will be able to purchase it for half the price.

Archive of Results on Sports
Price: from 200$/month

What is convenient Archives of results for sportsmatches?