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Connect the sports event API!

Connect the Api sport events, odds!

We provide data on sports for all sports types. Our sporting events are designed for any type of use. They 'll fit both the bookie and the forecaster. Both for use on the site and for sports data analytics. We provide the entire line in the form of a json object, and from the version of IPA 2.0 it became even more convenient for connection and use. We recommend using our Sportsbook only newer versions.

Documentation of API

We invite you to read our API documentation for sports events. To watch documentation:

API v2

Example of data

Watch a live example of how sports events work with bookmaker coefficients. Click the link to

To look at a demo

We offer Sports line, for free for 2 days!

Produces a period to take for review Api sports line for 2 days. This is absolutely free. Also we have reduced the tariffs for all sports api for the period of integration.

To start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

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What 's in the sports line?

Sports All 1200 $
Line Type Live+Line
Results of a match All
countries All
championships All
Markets coefficient all All
Language ru, en + 3 pcs
1 language extra 10$/мес
Score : in live
Statistics : in live
Inquiries : unlimited tariff
Package all sports, sports outcomes
Price: 1200$ /month NOW - 500$

Just now, for only $500 you get the whole api

sports line.

How can I use the sports line from Betapi?

Sports data for bookmaker 's office

Sports data for the bookmaker

Our company is pleased to provide you with a Sports Line with all ratios for matches, in real time. Our sports data includes both all basic sports and Cybersport. We provide sports events in live mode. We also have a Line (prematch) available for matches that will take place in the near future.

Together with the sports line you automatically get Results of sports events. This data is already included in the package price..

  • Relevance of data. Our sports book is updated very quickly 1-2 seconds. Due to this you always get only up-to-date data on sports coefficients.
  • Huge choice of different Sports. We now provide a full line of over 200 sports.
  • 100,000 sports matches a month - it didn 't come! With our data - you 'll get it all in your system.
  • Easy API integration. Having created a sports version of api 2.0 - your integration will be as comfortable as possible.
  • Using our line - you can get automatic betting, during or after the end of the match.

We provide a separate service for creating a turnkey bookmaker system. Click here for information...

Bookmaker turnkey

Sports line for forecasts for sports

Our sports line began to be actively used to create systems that provide forecasts for sports. In 2 - 3 days you can fully integrate to yourself on the site, and thus speed up the process of adding forecasts.

At the expense of statistics in live - it is possible to organize various kinds of comparisons on any sports matches

We also provideforecast outcome statuses (win, lose, return). This service works only with our sports line.

Sports line for sports predictions

Learn more about how to use Sports Data for sports forecasts. Click here for information...

Creating sports forecasts

Sports data to create strategies for sports

Sports data to create strategies for sports

Using our sports line - you can organize at yourself a full tool which in automatic mode will select you matches which interest you. For example, receive notifications when the ratio has changed lower than you specified. Or you will be notified that the ratio before the start of the match was 5 times higher than in the live. All this is easy to do using our sports data.

And with the help of our "Results Archive tool" - you can analyze games and teams on the basis of previously played matches, and create your new and universal strategies for sports..

With a separate service we can collect personal data for you to create strategies .

Multilingual sporting events - Bonus from BetAPI!

Multilingual sporting events  in English
Multilingual sporting events in Russian

Using our SPORTBUK, you get 2 language versions at once, Russian and English. There are also 50 more language data available for your attention, which you can find at:

Available languages of a sportbook:

I want to try!

Dear users. You can test data free of charge on ready-made examples, integrate into your system, and only then pay for services. We provide all necessary test data as well as ready-made demo examples.

Step 1

Check out the demo example on the sports line. Make sure that there is all the necessary data that you are interested in.

To look at a demo

Read the documentation and its usability. You can also integrate into your system in test mode

API v1 API v2

Step 2
Step 3

Apply for registration to get a personal office and work sports line.

Prematch and line matches in one place

Page, api sports line find: