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Create a site "Forecasts for sports"

We suggest using our system if you want to make a system for forecasts for sporting events. With the help of BetApi you will do it many times faster, because we have actually all the necessary modules that are necessary for forecasts.

Sports line for addition of forecast, Results of match in live mode, basket for forecasts, calculation of forecasts, history of forecasts are all necessary modules which you will need in the process of creating a site for forecasts for sports.

Unlimited test period for the Sports line without registration!

We gave you the opportunity use the Api sports line for an unlimited amount of time so that you can verify the relevance of the data. In order to start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

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Why do you need modules for sports forecasts?

If you are only going to make a site only for yourself, and add forecasts for sports manually, soon you will make sure that this procedure takes quite a long time.

If you have a website on forecasts for sports where other users add forecasts, you can improve it at times. After all, the most important thing in any service or site is convenience!

Forecasts for sports

You enter the name of the match, and immediately get all the outcomes for forecasts. Get forecast calculations - automatically!


The forecast is added in a couple of clicks. Simply enter the match, click on the required factor, and add a comment.


Our system will automatically send you data on the match in live, and users will be able to follow all events at your site.


With our documentation you can carry out all integrations for forecasts quite simply and independently, or use our services.

What does BetApi offer for sports forecasts?

Please note that we do not offer the Sport Forecasts themselves. We offer technical solutions and modules with which you can create a website on forecasts for sports on your own or with our help.

The following is a list of modules and a brief description. They can be used both together and individually.

Sports line for forecasts

Sports line for forecasts

With the integration of sports events by API - you get a list of matches, or a specific game with coefficients, on which and will be predicted. You can choose only the necessary sports to which you will give a forecast. This will save your budget at times.

Sports line for predictions

Results of the match + live

With this module, you can add forecasts in the live and when the match starts - it will automatically add the account and statistics on the match itself. You can also get real-time coefficient changes. After the end of the match - You can get the results of sports events results of sports events for this game.

Basket for forecasts

Basket for forecasts

This module will save you from a lot of problems if you want to make in yourself functionality to add forecast not only yourself, but also other users. In such cases the module "Basket for forecasts" is connected, and anyone will be able to add a forecast for a sports event without problems.

The forecast basket is often connected with the Forecast History module so that after the match is over, you can view the full list of forecasts and their statuses made by users of your site.

In more detail

Forecast Calculation

Calculation of forecasts

Very useful thing, especially for those who have a site or system for forecasts for sports for a large number of events. This module sends you the status of your coupons for forecasts with the end result, namely: Won forecast, Lost forecast, Return if the forecast played in a draw.

Using Forecast Calculation, you can create a site for an unlimited number of forecasts and forecasters per day. All events will be calculated, and you will get not only the most current results for the match, which ended, but also statuses for each forecast or group.

In more detail

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