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"Cybersport" & eSports odds api

Now all sports events on eSports with coefficients from a bookmaker are in one place. One simple integration, and all the necessary cyber games are already in your system. The best sporting events by Dota, Counter Strike, FIFA, MortalKombat, League of Legends and many others.

Documentation of API

Easy documentation - minimal effort on integration! To watch documentation:

API v2

Example of data

See working examples online in our sandbox.

Demo eSports

Popular sports events from eSports via Line/Live:

The Cybersport line package, which you connect via APi includes all current sports events along the Line (Primatch), Live Results of all games played. The most current views are presented below. Please note that this is only part of the data. The full list you can see in our demo examples on the Cybersport line.

Api eSports Integration DOTA 2
Api eSports Integration COUNTER-STRIKE
Api eSports Integration LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
Api eSports Integration OVERWATCH
Api eSports IntegrationSTARCRAFT II
Api eSports Integration WORLD OF TANKS
Api eSports Integration FIFA
Api eSports Integration HEARTHSTONE

We offer Sports line, for free for 2 days!

Produces a period to take for review Api sports line for 2 days. This is absolutely free. Also we have reduced the tariffs for all sports api for the period of integration.

To start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

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Multilingual Cyberline from BetApi!

You can receive a sports eSports line with bookmaker coefficients and real-time match statistics in more than 50 languages. By default, two main languages English and Russian are included in sports matches, during data integration. This gives you the opportunity to increase users to your site from different countries.

To look at languages

Characteristics of the eSports package

Sport 1 to choose 20$/month
All cyber full 150$/month
Countries all
Championships all
Markets coefficient. all
Language ru, en
+1 language az, ch, tr и другие.. 10$/мес
Score : in live 5$/month
Statistics : in live 10$/month
ESports package, sports data from betapi
Price: from 20 $/month

The sports line on cybersport appeared relatively recently. But at the same time veryactiverategainsinterest and growth in virtual competitions. Our siteprovides a completeset of matches for cybersportcompetitions. With our sportsdata you can easilyorganizeany of theseservices:

- Dates of matches on virtual sports;
- Analysis of the game of teams;
- Forecasts for cyber-sportscompetitions;
- Coefficients for a victory of eachteam;
- Full platform at rates for cybersport

Sports available in eSports line by api

Below is a list of types from kybersports and eSports that will be available in your subscription to the All Cybersports line api:

  • FIFA
  • Counter Strike
  • World of tanks
  • Dota
  • Worms
  • MortalKombat
  • League of legends
  • HearthStone
  • Rocket League
  • BattleField
  • CallOfDuty
  • StreetFighter
  • Quake4
  • Steep
  • Cyber hockey
  • Martial Arts Cyber
  • Cyber basketball
  • Cyber Tennis
  • Cyber cricket
  • Cyber handball
  • Cyber wrestling
  • Cyber rugby
  • Cyber American Football
  • Cyber rally
  • Cyber golf
  • Cyber baseball
  • Cyber formula 1
  • Cyber lacrosse
  • Cyber table tennis
  • Cyber billiards
  • Cyber floorball
  • Cyber mini-hockey
  • Cyber Football
  • Cyber table football
  • Cyber Australian Football
  • Cyber volleyball
  • Cyber cycling
  • Cyber taekwondo
  • AngryBirds
  • Crossfit
  • KingOfFighters
  • Injustice
  • PES
  • Tekken
  • Heroes
  • Pesapallo
  • StarCraft
  • Discjam
  • Flatout
  • PUBG
  • LaserLeague
  • Rainbow Six
  • Mutant League
  • BattleRite
  • CrossOut
  • Corfball
  • Broumbol
  • Cabaddi
  • Killer Instinct
  • Blade and Soul
  • AssaultSquad
  • CutTheRope
  • SubwaySurfers
  • Sonic
  • Air racing
  • Crash
  • CyberVolleyball
  • SpykeBots
  • JumpForce
  • Overcooked
  • BallGrabbers
  • Marble Football
  • Big Bash Boom
  • Sekiro
  • TABS
  • RumbleStars

There is a temporary discount on our Sports line.

Buy full sports line Api NOW - $500

I want to try!

Dear users. You can test data free of charge on ready-madeexamples, integrateinto your system, and onlythenpay for services. The documentationalreadycontains test keys for the use and integration of cyber-sports events to itself on the site.

Step 1

Check out the demoexample on the sportsline. Make sure that there is all the necessarydata that you are interested in.

To look at a demo

Read the documentation and itsusability. You can alsointegrateinto your system in test mode

API v2

Step 2
Step 3

Apply for registration to get a personal office and worksportsline.

An example of what our e-sports line looks like

What is the convenientpackage "Cybersport"?

Sports Events API on Cybersport

Our site providesmatches, outcomes, coefficients for sports matches on Cybersport. Our SportBook will be ideal for those who want to display on their website matches on cybersport. Sports data can also be used to integrate itself into the system and add forecasts for cybersport. Our development team tries daily, and expands the list of cyber-sports matches both on the pre-match and on Live. We collect active statistics for matches that go in real time. Also if desired We can collect for you the necessary information for any games on cybersport.

With our cybersport line you can do:

  • Accepting Live Bets on Cybersport
  • Analytics across virtual sports (both before and during)
  • Compare data and different factor changes
  • Collect real-time statistics
  • Get information on matches that have already ended (you need to specify the type of data required)

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