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Prices for Sports Data API Packages

Our company provides sports data of various kinds. You can buy from us:

  • Sports data line
  • Sports Events That Go Live
  • List of markets with ratios

You can also purchase sports results of three types:

  • Results That Go Now (Live)
  • Results for matches that ended
  • Buy Archive of results for the last year for all sports

There is a temporary discount on our Sports line.

Buy full sports line Api NOW - $500

Sports Event Packages Options

Please note that We have formed the most common types of sports packages. It is always possible to make an individual set of data, specifically for your needs.

Sports Event Packages Options
$ 20 /month
  • Any sport
  • from 200 types
  • Line and Live
  • 2 language
  • 7/5 support
$ 130 / month
  • Any 10 sport
  • from 200 types
  • Line and Live
  • 2 language
  • 24/7 support
$ 150 / month
  • E-sports
  • from 90 types
  • Line and Live
  • 2 language
  • 24/7 support

From us it is possible to buy the whole sports line

What is included in the cost of a sports line?

  • Sports data from line
  • Sports events of Live
  • Results for Live matches and matches that have already ended
Additionally, you can order:
  • Calculation of outcomes (coupons, bets)
  • Order archive of last year results

Value all necessary data on the line:

1200 $ / month

NOW - 500$

Description Watch a demo

We offer Sports line, for free for 2 days!

Produces a period to take for review Api sports line for 2 days. This is absolutely free. Also we have reduced the tariffs for all sports api for the period of integration.

To start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

Take a test! I want a demo!

Picture on the results of sports events

Results of sports events

At us you can read Results of sports events on sports matches for the last 10 years. Note that the results provide data only for match results, there are no factors before and during the game in this package. All result data types are provided in json format.

Demo Demo Data

Packages for sports results

You can choose one of the finished packages, or generate data individually for yourself.

Rez Live


Live matches

All sports

1 language

1 domain





in 2 weeks

All sports

1 language

1 domain

In detail

Arhive Rez


1 sport


1 year

1 language

1 domain

In detail

Relevance of sports data

All sports data provided are up to date! The rate of update of sports events in Live mode is about 3 seconds, this time is enough to compete with the world leaders of the market of coefficients.

What do you use sports data for?

Reliable bookmaker line, buy a bookmaker line

Bookmaker line

You can use the sports line to create your own bookmaker 's website. By quickly updating the coefficients and being able to adjust margins - you will always be on the plus.

In more detail

Buy a sports line from for sports predictions

Forecasts for sport

You can use sports data for matches to optimize the process of forming sports forecasts. With a convenient CUI you will be able to get all the current games and coefficients, to create full forecasts.

In more detail

Sports data for sports match analysts from

Analysts of sports matches

One option may be to use the sports line from the to analyze data on matches both in liv mode and analysis of matches which have long passed. With our vast base - you can create any kind of analytical calculations and predict future events according to your rules.

In more detail

Benefits of the Sports API Line

A variety of Live Line data for a variety of purposes

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