Sports line package: "Separate sports"

Package "Separate sport" includes any one sport selected by you from our list. For today - we provide a list of more than 200 sports. This includes matches from common types: football, tennis, hockey, basketball, etc. Note that cybersport is a completely different type of sports data.

Separate sport - API line

Documentation of API

You can choose either of the two options from our IPA list. To watch documentation:

Api v2

Example of data

There 's nothing better than watching our real line work. Click the link to

To look at a demo

Multilingual sports line as a gift!

We included 2 languages by default, namely Russian and English, in this package at numerous requests. But you can receive sports data in various translations from 50 languages of the world. In cases where you need more language translations, you can add one or a group at any time, from the possible available on the system.

Available languages of a system

Unlimited test period for the Sports line without registration!

We gave you the opportunity use the Api sports line for an unlimited amount of time so that you can verify the relevance of the data. In order to start integrating the sports line via API, follow the link below:

Sports data types: Primatch and Live

Betapi provides data for sports events in 2 modes. Namely this: Prematch or matches along the line, as well as sports matches that go in real time, toist in Live mode.

Prematch or matches along the line

- This category presents events with coefficients that have not yet started.

- Also you can use sports line without coefficients, at the same time monitor only necessary matches which will be soon

Live mode

- This category presents events, with coefficients that are already going live.

- Real-time match statistics may also be available. (Dangerous attacks, angular, red cards, fools, etc.)

Characteristics of the package "Individual sports"

Price: from 10$/month

With our rate grid, you can only take the data you need to avoid overpaying for unnecessary information.

Sport 1 to choose (Line) 10$/month
Line Type Live 10$/month
Countries All
Championships All
Markets coefficient All
Language ru, en
+1 Language az, ch, tr and others.. 10$/month
Score in live 5$/month
Statistics in live 10$/month

In the package "Individual sports" - includes documentation on integration of a sports line into your system. In the Personal Office you will have already ready requests with your ID, which is issued at registration. In this way you will need to make minimum efforts to integrate our sports line to yourself on the site.

I want to try!

Dear users. You can test data free of charge on ready-made examples, integrate into your system, and only then pay for services. We provide all necessary test data as well as ready-made demo examples.

Step 1

Check out the demo example on the sports line. Make sure that there is all the necessary data that you are interested in.

Step 2

Read the documentation and its usability. You can also integrate into your system in test mode

Step 3

Apply for registration to get a personal office and work sports line.

What is the convenient package "Separate sports"?

  • Simplicity

    It is easy and easy to get sports data, as well as to work with it. Minimum of efforts of programming.

  • Frequent updates

    All the time the most current sports data both on the Line and in Live mode.

  • Everything is transparent

    In your personal office you can set up sports data and coefficients.

What is a BETAPI.NET package?

Our site provides sports data on all existing sports today. We provide matches both LINES (which have not yet started) and Live (which are already going), as well as all markets and current coefficients for all sports.

For easy formation, we provide data packets that differ from each other by a set of sports data. This allows everyone to choose only the type of data they need..

All sports packages have different cost and different type of data, so before you buy a particular package - read carefully what is included in it.