The API interface is used to intergrate the possibilities of the BetApi service into the client’s personal project. The API is intended for developers and it is followed by detailed documentation).


The REST API of the BETAPI service woks under the protocol HTTPS and represents a set of methods by whichqueries are made and returns answers for each operation. All answers come in the form of JSON structures JSON structures andcoding UTF-8.

Examples of use of BetApi

Before integration you should pay attention to a number of variables without which you will not be able to make integration. The list of parameters you can find in your personal office or they will be given to you by the manager personally.

The list of important parameters for sports data integration:
Name Description
{SECRET_KEY_LINE} A secret key for getting type of sports and managing the line. It is only needed for APAs V1
{PARTNER_ID} It is an individual numeric number that is issued to each partner for data integration
{HOST_LINE_API} A personal host URL or domain to receive sports line data.
{LANG} The language variable has 2 symbols. You can view available. languageson the system
{HOST_REZULT_API} It is personal host URL or domain for getting results of sports matches

Attention! Each url/domain is intended to receive or to send specific data!!!